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Located at just one hour distance from Cluj, Rimetea is one of the most amazing villages in the country. Nature, architecture, tradition, warm rural peace and quite all in one place

Our values:

  • We care for the environment so we avoid using plastic, making unnecessary noise and we keep the nature clean an untouched. We expect you to do the same.
  • Our location used to be a barn for animals so we kept all that was usable and turned it into a bistro. Many of the work was done by our hands and is still a work in progress.
  • We use seasonal food and mostly local products, we use local recipes and
  • We employ local people and promote the destination for cool people
  • We have professional equipment and skilled people
  • Our business is a social business and we aim to develop de community and all our profit creates workplaces for locals.

Reservation is needed!

Open from April – November.

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